ELNA takes over European distribution for the Dinnteco Lightning Protection System. We are pleased to be the new exclusive distributor in Europe for the marine products from Dinnteco International S.L.

Dinnteco is a manufacturer of innovative lightning protection systems. The core is the so-called DDCE (Electromagnetic Charge Compensation Device), which protects the protected structure (e.g. ships and yachts) from direct lightning strikes.
The DDCE is a system for protection against atmospheric discharges and an electromagnetic protection device. It provides equipotential bonding so that lightning does not occur in the protected area. The DDCE absorbs excess negative charges from the air layer and discharges them through the grounding. This process eliminates positively charged upward currents and thus prevents the formation of a lightning channel or conductive lightning within the coverage radius of the device.

More information: https://www.elna.de/en/sea/ddce-lightning-protection/