Non-directional beacons / NDB antennas

Non-directional beacons / NDB antennas by ELNA enable reliable orientation and radio direction finding even in demanding terrain for pilots as well as seafarers. ELNA NDB antennas are installed e.g. on airports, offshore platforms and heliports.

Non-directional beacons (NDB)

Radio beacons by ELNA safeguard pilots to their desired destination. NDBs are versatile and provide a reliable reference point.

ELNA STA 150 NDB / STA 115 NDB antennas

ELNA non-directional beacons are rugged, durable and virtually maintenance-free. Our mast antennas are self-supporting and hence do not need costly and spacious guys or stands and can be installed on room limited sites. The beacons are equipped with a coil to match the desired frequency range (typically between 180 to 580 kHz). Antenna feeding is possible both internally (through the base) or externally.

Areas of application

We take pride in the broad array of applications our ELNA non-directional beacon antennas are used in, including hilly terrain or rocky coastlines where other means of navigation may have no reception: commercial airports and landing sites, landing platforms on offshore rigs and vessels, as part of the Differential Global Positioning System infrastructure as well as as navigational beacons alongside coasts.

NDB antennas with various functions and options

ELNA NDB antennas by default come in two heights (14.5m and 11.5m). In addition, customer-specific solutions are possible to meet the requirements of a particular terrain. The antennas are equipped with a coil for the required frequency range. An optional tilting joint eases the assembly of the antenna while also allowing for a swift exchange of the coil if needed.


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