Submarine antennas

ELNA submarine antennas are particularly used as spare antennas. The antennas consist of four segments and can be easily (dis)assembled. They cover a broad MF frequency range and – as all ELNA antennas – are rugged and durable.

Special antennas for submarines

ELNA special antenna STA 60 Z 70

The STA 60 Z 70 consists of four segments (each 1.5 meters in length), which can be swiftly assembled if needed. The sections are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and highly resilient against external impacts. The antennas cover a frequency range of 1.5 to 30 MHz.

  • Applications of the ELNA submarine antenna

    ELNA’s STA 60 Z 70 is predominantly used as a spare antenna on submarines. Thanks to its modular and rugged design and the MF frequency range coverage, this antenna is highly recommended for any (mobile) application where a fast dis(assembly) is needed.

  • ELNA special antenna STA ISF

    The STA ISF is predominantly used on submarines for VHF communication. The receiving/tranceiving antenna covers a frequency range of 156-162 MHz, with compact measurements and light-weight. As all ELNA antennas, the STA ISF is rugged and durable and hence ideally suited for marine applications.


ELNA-STA 60 Z 70 Datasheet

ELNA-VHF Antenna STA ISF Datasheet


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