For our devision Lightning Protection on yachts we will have our own booth at the METSTRADE fair in Amsterdam this year. ELNA is the representative for the DDCE lightning protection system for the European maritime sector. We are pleased to present Dinnteco’s patented lightning protection system this year in the Superyacht Pavilion (SYP) in hall 09 booth 417.

Due to climate change and the associated increasingly frequent storms and thunderstorms, yacht owners are increasingly suffering the consequences of lightning strikes. Many yachts usually have no lightning protection at all or only inadequate protection.

So far, there is no standard for lightning protection on yachts. Mostly, conventional lightning protection is installed similar to the lightning protection of buildings. This means that in the event of a lightning strike, an attempt is made to dissipate the enormous energy in the best possible way.

However, since yachts are very small in relation to buildings, important distances to electrical components and cables cannot be maintained. Experience shows that in the event of a lightning strike, considerable damage can occur to the electronics despite installed lightning protection. The electromagnetic radiation of the lightning current generates an overvoltage in the on-board network. With more and more electronics on board, the potential damage from a lightning strike is also increasing. In addition, the mast is also even damaged and must be replaced.

The solution is the patented DDCE lightning protection system from Dinnteco. The so-called DDCE (Electromagnetic Charge Compensation Device), is a system for protection against atmospheric discharges and an electromagnetic protection device. It provides continuous equipotential bonding to protect the yacht from a direct lightning strike. Excess negative charges are absorbed by the DDCE from the air layer and discharged through the grounding. This process eliminates positively charged upward currents from the protected structure, thereby preventing the creation of a lightning channel or guide lightning.

Visit us at METS to learn more about lightning protection and the DDCE System.

Where: METSTRADE Amsterdam – Booth 09.417
When: 15.11.2022 – 17.11.2022