We provide wiper systems and components for various applications at sea. The Hepworth & Wynn marine products withstand harsh conditions at sea and operate highly reliably.

Wiper systems and components for shipping by Hepworth & Wynn

Hepworth Marine

Based on Hepworth Marine’s product portfolio we can match almost all requirements and provide the right solution for your project – from yachts to military vessels. We are happy to support your new-build projects as well as provide spare parts.

Wide product range

Hepworth Marine offers i.a. 1-, 2- and 3-armed wiper systems, pendulum systems, motors of many performance classes, washing pumps and anti-icing solutions. The portfolio is complemented by ELNA special solutions, in particular a control system for steering multiple wiper blades in parallel.


Hepworth Marine Brochure 2017 PDF


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