CMCE Lightning Protection

ELNA exclusively offers the CMCE lightning protection of Sertec S.R.L. in the marine sector. The special feature of the innovative lightning protection: Within a certain radius around the CMCE lightning protection system will no more lightning be formed.


There are three different CMCE sizes. Gold, Platinum and Diamond.
The larger the CMCE, the more negative charge the device can dissipate and the larger the protected area becomes. We will be pleased to advise you which model is most suitable for your boat type and size.

Marine CMCE Lightning Protection System

The innovative CMCE lightning protection system prevents lightning strikes. The system is based on the same functional principles that Nikola Tesla was already researching at the beginning of the 19th century.

Forming of Lightning strikes

In a thunderstorm a potential difference is created between the negatively charged clouds
and the positively charged earth. As a result there is an increase of charge concentrations at
certain points where lightnings can arise.

Functionality of CMCE System

The CMCE system from Sertec provides potential equalisation so that in the protected area no lightning will be formed. The CMCE attracts excess negative charges from the air layer and drain it through the grounding. This process eliminates positively charged upward currents and thus prevents the formation of a flash channel or guide light within the cover radius of the device.

The larger the CMCE, the more negative charge the device can dissipate and the larger the protected area.

The system only requires a sufficient grounding and no energy supply

Fuse Protection

The probability of a lightning strike is reduced by 99% within the protected area.
In case of a direct lightning strike (1%) or indirect effects of externally induced overvoltages in the protected area,
the CMCE behaves like a thermal fuse. Part of the lightning energy absorbed in heat as parts of the components melt. This causes that the electromagnetic effects can be minimized between 60% – 90%.

Application Areas

The manufacturer Sertec has been installing this technology on public buildings, sport stadiums, sensitive industrial plants, historical facilities, airports and any buildings that need to be protected from lightning for more than 15 years.

In the past the marine market was not the focus of attention which is now reflected by the extra developed Marine CMCE’s. The system was developed explicitly for the requirements at sea

Holger Flindt, Head of Claims Department of Pantaenius (Europe’s leading specialist for yacht insurance) is convinced of the CMCE System:
“Damage caused by lightning is increasing. In recent years the number corresponding events at Pantaenius tripled. Although the effects of a  direct or indirect lightning strike can vary greatly, they often mean  considerable danger for man and material. Even days after an unnoticed lightning strike it happens that boats suddenly sink at the pier. Whether and how a boat survives a thunderstorm is not only a question of luck. A properly installed lightning protection system such as the Sertec CMCE system protects people and material.

The Sertec CMCE system is therefore supported by us and a compliant protective measure for us.
And it also exempts the customer from an excess in the event of a lightning strike in particularly endangered shipping  areas.


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